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• Cordless power eliminates the chance of cord strangulation.
• Never gets hot, uses LED lights so it always stays cool to the touch.
• All lights are entirely lead free.
• LED’s are the purest form of electricity (they do not discharge dirty electricity which is harmful to health).
• Energy Efficient – uses LED lights
• All lights will be mounted to a wall on top of an included crack sticker,   making it appear like the object has broken through the wall.
• All lights come with a crack sticker.
• Sport lights are sized to reflect realistic appearance.
• Easy On/Off switch.
• Simple installation
• All lights provide a comforting light for infants and children to fall asleep.
• All lights provide enough light for parents to view the infants without turning on additional lighting.
• Children can move about the room and take themselves in and out of their beds without turning on additional lighting.
• Can be place close to the crib, bed or anywhere in the room (not restricted to outlet locations).