T-Shirt Size Chart

Fit Guide:
Normal Sizes Chest Ladies Sizes Chest
S 37-38 inch (94-96 cm) S (size 10) 36 inch (91 cm)
M 39-40 inch (99-101 cm) M (size 12) 38 inch (96 cm)
L 41-42 inch (104-106 cm) L (size 14) 40 inch (101 cm)
XL 43-44 inch (109-111 cm) XL (size 16) 42 inch (106 cm)
Unsure Of Your Size?

If you're unsure on your size measure one of your existing t-shirts which fits you nicely. If you lay it out and measure between the armpits across the chest, then double this to make the full circumference of the shirt - that is the chest measurement you want. Our chart above shows all the precise chest sizes for each shirt size we do.